WOŚP Peace Patrol in Shegini!

Our Centre has received additional support on Friday, the 12 of March – we were joined by the Peace Patrol’s team! ❤️ They brought additional equipment and a new tent with them, thanks to which we were able to set up an aid point. What is more, they brought an enormous load of experience, heart and motivation. The Peace Patrol’s volunteers will stay with us for as long as necessary under the lead of Purtas, who was earlier the leader of the Humanitarian Point in Michałów. After joining forces, we’re even more capable of providing help to people waiting at the border.

As Jurek Owsiak writes on his FB profile: “Thank you to everyone who make it possible to provide aid effectively – officers of the Customs and Tax Service and Border Guard. Thank you to the firefighters from the State Fire Service and Volunteer Fire Department, paramedics, doctors, ZHP scouts from Zastęp Granica, workers of PKP Intercity, the Territorials – we saw all of them in action today – and for all of you I didn’t name, huge respect!”

We would also like to kindly thank you, most of all, Peace Patrol, that you’re with us.

fot. Pokojowy Patrol

Koordynator (PL) - Marta Górecka
Coordinator (ENG) - Piotr Deutschman