18-19 march convoy

While our brave volunteers in Shegini are working with people waiting at the border providing them with comfort and basic needs, Wrocław isn’t wasting any time either! We spend the whole week to organise another transport. We gather, file and pack everything that should find its way to the Centre in Shegini and we’re concacting everyone we can to get all we need – including cars to transport the items.

We have incredible luck with people who want to help us – in terms of transport, we’ve stumbled upon an amazing crew of firefighters. We couldn’t be in better hands! It’s the most professional, effective and at the same time kind and high-spirited company that helps us in any way they can.

This convoy couldn’t go without them, either. They’ve organised the cars and then filled each of them all the way to the roof like masters of Tetris. 😉 And, of course, they got everything to the destination – same on the way back!

Below you can see a couple of pictures of those masters of logistics and we’d like to thank Grupa Ratownictwa Specjalistycznego OSP Starówka, Panek CarSharing, Fundacja NO Raczej, the Strażacy Medykom group, OSP dla Ukrainy and Fundacja Strażacy Wielkopolska.

Koordynator (PL) - Marta Górecka
Coordinator (ENG) - Piotr Deutschman