HAC in news service TVN24

Last Saturday we were paid a visit by a TVN24 news team. This was an important moment for us, our chance to show the whole of Poland what our Humanitarian Aid Centre is all about: what we do, and how we do it. Every chance we get like this to publicise our cause is another opportunity to make important contacts, and to broaden the help we can give, thanks to new donors, new gifts – and new, wonderful people ready to contribute to our work. It fills us with pride, and so much gratitude, to see how we’re growing and how much support we’re getting from all quarters.


The reporter also talked to our fantastic volunteer barista Romek. Romek’s the man who literally keeps us all on our feet, and picks us back up when energy starts to run low.

Koordynator (PL) - Marta Górecka
Coordinator (ENG) - Piotr Deutschman