Ambulance for Mościska Hospital

A little while ago, the Salus Medical Center donated an ambulance to the HAC in Shehyni. Since then it has done us sterling service. It will continue to be useful, but now we’ve decided to put it entirely at the disposal of Mościska Hospital, where it will replace a long-suffering UAZ truck. In their hands it will cover a much wider area than we could hope to do ourselves. So it’s the end of an era as the UAZ, affectionately known as Buhanka (The Little Loaf), embarks on a well-earned retirement; and Saluś takes her place serving Mościska Hospital. But since we didn’t want Saluś to go to work empty-handed, we filled him to the brim with medical equipment and hygiene supplies for the hospital. We know that everything will come in handy, and will be used smartly and effectively. Our fingers are crossed as Saluś sets out on his new road. May he run safely, and as long as needed.

Wojtek Górecki HAC in Shehyni Coordinator and Wiktor Kopacz Mościska Hospital Principal with Buhanka and Saluś
Mr. Kopacz with out latest medical supplies donation
Koordynator (PL) - Marta Górecka
Coordinator (ENG) - Piotr Deutschman