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We're still looking for volunteers! We would welcome anyone who can stay in our Centre for at least 5 days. If you can't go to Ukraine but still want to support us remotely, let us know.

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HAC in news service TVN24

Last Saturday we were paid a visit by a TVN24 news team. This was an important moment for us, our chance to show the whole of Poland what our Humanitarian Aid Centre is all about: what we do, and how we do it. Every chance we get like this to publicise our cause is another opportunity to make important contacts, and to broaden the help we can give, thanks to new donors, new gifts – and new, wonderful people ready to contribute to our work. It fills us with pride, and so much gratitude, to see how we’re growing and how much support we’re getting from all quarters.,96/pokojowy-patrol-wosp-pomaga-ukraincom-po-ich-stronie-granicy,1101475.html

The reporter also talked to our fantastic volunteer barista Romek. Romek’s the man who literally keeps us all on our feet, and picks us back up when energy starts to run low.


Ambulance for Mościska Hospital

A little while ago, the Salus Medical Center donated an ambulance to the HAC in Shehyni. Since then it has done us sterling service. It will continue to be useful, but now we’ve decided to put it entirely at the disposal of Mościska Hospital, where it will replace a long-suffering UAZ truck. In their hands it will cover a much wider area than we could hope to do ourselves. So it’s the end of an era as the UAZ, affectionately known as Buhanka (The Little Loaf), embarks on a well-earned retirement; and Saluś takes her place serving Mościska Hospital. But since we didn’t want Saluś to go to work empty-handed, we filled him to the brim with medical equipment and hygiene supplies for the hospital. We know that everything will come in handy, and will be used smartly and effectively. Our fingers are crossed as Saluś sets out on his new road. May he run safely, and as long as needed.

Wojtek Górecki HAC in Shehyni Coordinator and Wiktor Kopacz Mościska Hospital Principal with Buhanka and Saluś
Mr. Kopacz with out latest medical supplies donation

20 march – changes in the team

Over the weekend, a part of our wonderful volunteers returned to their homes and replacements arrived in their place. Even though they describe their stay at Sheginia as a difficult, demanding and quite tiring experience, all of them were sad to say their goodbyes and promised to miss is and figure out how to come back as soon as possible!

THANK YOU, DEARS! We will also miss you and we’ll be looking forward to it if you ever want to come back, although we all dream that there simply won’t be a need for it anymore and that all of us can return to our homes and normal lives.

Hello to the amazing new people – wish them a lot of good energy and strength!

For a short while, our fearless, invaluable Boss of Bosses 😉 Wojtek Górecki has also returned and the Lady Boss of Bosses, Marta Górecka, has taken his place in Sheginia. Both of them are giving more than all they’ve got both in Sheginia and here in Wrocław, so make sure to wish them extra strength!


18-19 march convoy

While our brave volunteers in Shegini are working with people waiting at the border providing them with comfort and basic needs, Wrocław isn’t wasting any time either! We spend the whole week to organise another transport. We gather, file and pack everything that should find its way to the Centre in Shegini and we’re concacting everyone we can to get all we need – including cars to transport the items.

We have incredible luck with people who want to help us – in terms of transport, we’ve stumbled upon an amazing crew of firefighters. We couldn’t be in better hands! It’s the most professional, effective and at the same time kind and high-spirited company that helps us in any way they can.

This convoy couldn’t go without them, either. They’ve organised the cars and then filled each of them all the way to the roof like masters of Tetris. 😉 And, of course, they got everything to the destination – same on the way back!

Below you can see a couple of pictures of those masters of logistics and we’d like to thank Grupa Ratownictwa Specjalistycznego OSP Starówka, Panek CarSharing, Fundacja NO Raczej, the Strażacy Medykom group, OSP dla Ukrainy and Fundacja Strażacy Wielkopolska.


WOŚP Peace Patrol in Shegini!

Our Centre has received additional support on Friday, the 12 of March – we were joined by the Peace Patrol’s team! ❤️ They brought additional equipment and a new tent with them, thanks to which we were able to set up an aid point. What is more, they brought an enormous load of experience, heart and motivation. The Peace Patrol’s volunteers will stay with us for as long as necessary under the lead of Purtas, who was earlier the leader of the Humanitarian Point in Michałów. After joining forces, we’re even more capable of providing help to people waiting at the border.

As Jurek Owsiak writes on his FB profile: “Thank you to everyone who make it possible to provide aid effectively – officers of the Customs and Tax Service and Border Guard. Thank you to the firefighters from the State Fire Service and Volunteer Fire Department, paramedics, doctors, ZHP scouts from Zastęp Granica, workers of PKP Intercity, the Territorials – we saw all of them in action today – and for all of you I didn’t name, huge respect!”

We would also like to kindly thank you, most of all, Peace Patrol, that you’re with us.

fot. Pokojowy Patrol

Koordynator (PL) - Marta Górecka
Coordinator (ENG) - Piotr Deutschman